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Seo for accountants: why it’s important.

SEO for accountants is vitally important. Especially in a digital age where anyone and anybody is looking for services online rather than in-person. other than referral leads, SEO traffic is the number 1 driver of leads for any accountancy firm. I contacted over 50 accountants and found that most gain new business through referrals, but high ranking accountancy firms also gain a large proportion of their leads through search traffic.


Why search traffic is important

Of course, search traffic is just one part of your marketing strategy to focus on. There are many other avenues worth investing in. However, ranking for your main keywords for your accountancy website can be far more fruitful and worth your investment than others.


  1. Correct SEO is ever-green. Once you have started ranking in the top position for your main keyword, it’s possible to stay there with years and years to come. Unlike paid traffic, where as soon as you stop paying, you stop acquiring leads.
  2. People generally trust google search rankings than advertising. Google is a 3rd party company not influenced by your business. Possible clients and leads will find trust and authority in you ranking on the first 3 of google. A sort of @well if they are in the top search rankings, they must be good’
  3. Search engines is the first place someone will start researching and looking for accounting services. Google and other large search engines have completely changed the way we research and find what we are looking for. It’s a must to rank for any successful or aspiring accountancy firm.

SEO for accountants

What is SEO?

Before we go on to certain ways you can improve your SEO and the Macro signals you should be concentrating on. I’d like to focus on what is SEO for accountants especially.

Search Engine Optimisation (Seo) is the process of editing and improving your website in the pursuit of higher search rankings. The inner workings of search engines are complex. “spiders” move across webs gathering information on websites, the information they gather determines where you rank for keywords.

SEO is ever-evolving and Google actually releases Algorithm updates almost every day, but certain practices remain the same. By providing Google with as much legitimate information as possible for a particular topic, you can start finding yourself becoming an authority in this area.

Google and other search engines ability to gather information and rank sites is becoming more advanced as time goes on and this, in turn, means SEO is ever-evolving.

Areas to cover

  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Technical SEO and inner workings
  • Local SEO

These are the 4 areas we cover in this article on SEO for accountants.

Before doing any work or setting out a strategy, it is very important to set up both your google analytics account and your google search control account. This gives you the opportunity to measure your growth and see how your rankings and search traffic is improving over time and through your efforts.


Content, of course, means the words on your page. This is absolutely critical in making sure you start ranking for the right keywords and start building authority and trust in the eyes of search engines. Before mapping out any content on your main pages you want to first do some keyword research.

It’s important to write your copy in relation to your specific keywords. Make sure it’s expressed clearly who you are and what you do. Not just for the reader but for the Search engines.

This can be done free through certain online tools like –

However, if you’d like a more in-depth look into keywords for your business feel free to reach out to me personally and I can help you.

SEO keywords for accountants

Below gives you an idea of somekeywords for accountants you could be ranking for and their estimated search volume per month.

# Keyword Difficulty Volume
1 accountants in london 47 3600
2 institute of chartered accountants in england and wales 5 600
3 accountants in derby 17 400
4 accountants in slough 12 400
5 accountants in watford 4 350
6 accountants in surrey 13 350
7 accountants in ilford 3 350
8 accountants in essex 7 300
9 accountants in bromley 1 300
10 accountants in hounslow 5 250
11 accountants in dartford 6 250
12 accountants in ealing 8 250
13 accountants in manchester 20 250
14 accountants in luton 3 250
15 accountants in west london 3 200
16 accountants in cheshire 7 200
17 accountants in ashford kent 9 200
18 accountants in mansfield 13 200
19 accountants in birmingham 7 200
20 accountants in enfield 6 200
21 accountants in bradford 8 200
22 accountants in cornwall 11 200
23 accountants in hertfordshire 5 200
24 accountants in bristol 12 200
25 accountants in romford 1 200
26 accountants in stevenage 5 200
27 accountants in norfolk 14 200
28 accountants in chelmsford 4 200
29 accountants in milton keynes 7 150
30 accountants in bath 5 150
31 accountants in basildon 1 150
32 accountants in tonbridge 4 150
33 accountants in cannock 3 150
34 accountants in maidstone 7 150
35 accountants in leicester 13 150
36 accountants in central london 14 150
37 accountants in harlow 0 150
38 accountants in sidcup 4 150
39 accountants in scunthorpe 5 150
40 accountants in kilmarnock 3 150

Not only should you be looking to rank your main homepage for specific keywords. But it may be useful to build out a blog page with helpful and valuable information for anyone looking for accountancy advice. This is a great way to add value to your page and make sure you build authority.


Backlinks are still one of, if not the most important ranking factor for search engines. Put simply, the more high quality and …. websites you have linking back to yours the better. This should be seen as a long term strategy that builds over time and naturally. There are a number of ways you can acquire backlinks.

  • Citations – these are links from business directories and local directories. These are important foundation links for your site. These are seen like small confidence signals that you are a legitimate business that is operating. some of the bigger directories include Google my Business (we’ll come on to this later), Yell, Hotfrog, 192 etc.
  • Guest posting – guest posting on other sites as an authority figure. Perhaps you can post a guest blog or interview on another site providing value or free information with a link back to your site.
  • Press release – pushing out local and national press releases.

Site Code and Technical SEO

I won’t delve too much into this area, as it’s so important to get fix or get right the fundamentals before worrying about anything else. These would include your sites meta data and code. What the Search engine cralwers pick up on that the reader can’t see. This could include:

  • Title tags – These are the names for a specific page on your site. It’s the clickable link on Google’s search engine results page. It is recommended that your title tag is in line with the keyword you are looking to rank for.
  • H1 tags – There are multiple heading tags. Your H1 is obviously the most important and one you should think most about when creating. Again, it needs to align with the keyword you are looking to rank for. Make sure it describes the content of the pages clearly too.
  • Heading tags – these are the rest fo the heading tags and should also be carefully chosen in relation to your title. Whereas you should only have one H1 stage per page, H2, H3 and so on can be used multiple times per page.
  • URL structure – Is your URL related to your keywords? If not, this is another big indication to search engines what your page is about. If you are trying to rank for “Accountant in Derby” for a particular page, it’s not a bad idea to start ranking for this in a particular page.
  • Images – this includes having image titles and alt text regarding your images. Optimising and full describing your images correctly is a key component of on-site SEO.
  • Meta descriptions – Meta descriptions is the description below the clickable link on the Search engine results page. This provides not only further information to the reader but to the crawlers to identify correct results. If you’ve ever typed in anything into google, you will those words highlighted within the meta description. It;s no accident that correct meta descriptions in regards to your keywords make a big difference in your search rankings.
  • SCHEMA – SCHEMA is metadata that’s added to your site. As search engine algorithms have increased so has the information they require. So many websites fall behind not adding the correct or any SCHEMA to their site. By providing even more data to google about what the page is, this can give you the competitive edge over others.

Local SEO

Local SEO refers to ranking for searches within close proximity to your company. Often businesses and individuals will want accountants close to them. Rankings in google maps section is often the first place people look. this can greatly increase your local search traffic and increase your lead generation.

It’s important to start optimizing your site for the area you work in. This includes the right data and information is placed correctly. Your images are geotagged, and you are writing/posting about jobs within your local area. It’s also important to correctly link back to your site, where your site is set up to receive local business too, with the areas you service etc.

Reviews are a huge part of local SEO rankings. Building up reviews not only shows prospective clients you do a great job. But think about it this way, Google wants to provide the user the best possible experience, by having a lot of high quality 5-star reviews, this gives search engines letigitimacy to rank your business page higher.

Strategy for reviews

  • You should aim to get around the average mean amount of reviews per the top 10 accountants in your niche. Aim to do this over 12 weeks or so.
  • The reviews should look natural. Don’t worry about people leaving you reviews with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes – that’s human.
  • Try having your keyword in the review. AKA if you’re a Lawyer in West London. Having this within your keyword will make a difference.


Seo for Accountants should be part of a larger marketing campaign. However, it can also become the largest automated lead machine if you invest your time and resources into executing a strategy. Although Improvements within SEO really take at least 4-5 months and 6 months to see some large changes, the impact it can have your company for years to come is extraordinary.

If you are looking for some advice on your SEO strategy or would like a consultation on your accounting firm, feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to get in contact.

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