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Marketing for Accountants


There is a multitude of ways to market your accounting services. Below I go over a number of them and how you can grow your business.?

Internet marketing for accountants has obviously changed. The way we promote our services is vastly different from 20 years ago and this is true with all industries.?

However, 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision and thus doing a great job for your clients is still probably the best way to land more. Having said that, below I dive into some great ways to reach out, increase your brand recognition and increase the number of clients coming into your business.?


You?ve probably been emailed a thousand times in poor English about how this ?google expert? will improve your rankings. However, SEO is still an excellent way to gain new clients and it?s evergreen (if done right). Meaning, once you start ranking your site on the first page of Google and in the top 3 for your keywords it?s much easier to stay there without forking out huge amounts of money.?


Keyword research

Start looking into what keywords you want to rank for. It?s important to pick ones that relate to your firm and what you provide.?

Look for clients locally and what type of searches they would make. Let?s say your firm is based in North London a good place to start would be:

“Accountants in North London”

This keyword alone brings around 400 searches per month! That?s a lot of leads you?re missing out on. These are also actionable keywords, which means,? the type of people looking for accountants.?

This might sound obvious, however ranking for the term:

?How to do your own taxes?

Has around 250 searches per month. But these are not the type of people you want to be attracting.

Optimize your website

Once you have picked a few keywords you?d like to rank for, it?s time to optimize your website around these keywords. Essentially, give search engines the best opportunity to show your site on the first page. This includes adding:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags
  • Alt tags
  • Keyword in content


Start building backlinks to your site. This is still one of the biggest indications to search engines that your site has authority. Essentially the more quality backlinks you have to your site the more authority you have in the eyes of google.?

It?s important these are relevant. Links from NSFW sites will hurt you. A good place to start is online business directories and specific accounting directories.?

Local SEO / Google My Business

Marketing for Accountants 1

A large part of gaining local clients is through your GMB page. How many times have you type in ?{SERVICE} near me? and Google has provided a map and 3 listings for you. Ranking in the top 3 in google maps can be a great way to increase the number of leads to your accounting firm.?

Pay-per-click advertising has surged in price but is absolutely an effective way of getting clients

Depending on the industry the top google ad for a search term gets around a 2% click-through rate, which is in stark contrast with the top search result at around 33%. But since you only pay when someone clicks it?s more important who clicks rather than the conversion rate.?

Once again, it?s important to do some research on keywords. What type of customer would you like to attract. Look for keywords with high-ish search volume but little competition. Set your cost-per-click to what you can afford. I have known first time google ad users to spend ?500+ on one click because they didn?t set a maximum and they were in a bidding war.??

Facebook Ads

Facebook is still the largest social media platform available. Using targeted ads to your ideal customers is a great way to get your message out there.?

These are discerning viewers and it?s important to offer them something. A hook or a free consult. Once they click on the ad, you might want to take them to a landing page with a great offer. They put their details in, including contact number, email etc. There you have it, a new lead.?

Retargeting ads

If you already have a fair amount of traffic on your site, you may want to look into placing retargeting ads. Anyone that hits your site, you can show them ads exclusively. You know they have already been to your site, seen your brand and what you offer, a gentle reminder that you?re still available can go a long way. Often, new leads need massaging before you acquire a new client.?

Social media?

Marketing for Accountants 2

Social media can take time to build. And with a ?free? marketing tool, comes a lot of spam and noise around it. Linking to articles you find interesting, providing value to customers and followers, engaging with possible leads is the best way to work social media.?

It is NOT a place to just relentlessly spam your service as being amazing. This will only aggravate possible clients. If you?ve ever read Gary V?s jab, jab, right hook. Car salesman hard selling doesn?t work. You need to massage your leads. Slow and steady wins the race.

Final Thoughts

I think it is still important to consider old school marketing techniques. There are many people in need of accountants who don?t use social media or search online. Using your local newspaper, local radio or posters can be very cost-effective and target older people who are not tech-savvy.

What is important is making sure you are marketing for accountants. Using at least one channel as a source of acquiring new leads. In my opinion, Google and social media reviews, ranking on the first page of search engines would be the best strategy. People trust other users opinions and they trust search engines giving them the best options.?

If you would like some more information on how Vetrist can help grow your accountancy firm, feel free to get in touch with us.??

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