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How to rank in Google Maps – Top 3

Ever searched for a service or product in your area on Google? This is becoming more and more common. Something along the lines of:

“{SERVICE} near me”

Google search engines will provide you with a map and listing of companies near you that fit your requirements and ranking in the top 3 can make a huge difference in acquiring new leads.?

Below, I will show you a step-by-step process of how you can rank your business in the top 3 of Google maps. It’s not brain surgery, but it does require consistent work, a bit of patience and making sure all the processes are undertaken correctly.

Google wants to provide its users with the best possible experience with the correct listings. So give them every opportunity to do that.

Website Optimisation

Once your Google My Business (GMB) page is set up, you want to link your site to your GMB page while optimising your site for the specific areas your work in.?

Most marketers and SEO consultants will pump thousands of citations with your NAP (Name, Address and phone number), to your site. Of course, you want to link citations to your site, however, there is a much cleaner and better way to do this.?

How? Create a locations breakdown of your website. This means creating different pages for each location area you service. (make sure you have “location” in your navigation menu, so it’s picked up as a hierarchy and all your locations as part of your sub-menu).

For example:

  • Main Location
  • Rural area 1
  • Rural area 2
  • And so on

Then add your business name with hours into every location page and some content describing what you do and the area you service. Use SCHEMA for these pieces of information to make sure Google understands exactly what they are along with your service and travel radius.

TIP: make sure to Iframe your GMB page into every website page as well.

You have now created fully functioning pages which clearly define what areas you service and shows google where you?re available. BUT it?s now important to make sure your GMB page is updated and firing.

This is where your content marketing comes in. Write a post once a week if you can on your GMB page on the areas you service and link out to your locations page each time. The copy should be around 800-1200 characters using a Keyword density of around 2-3% of the location keywords for that area.

It doesn’t need to be exciting, just something that mentions the work you did, the area you worked in and how you helped out. Pretty standard stuff.??


Reviews are a huge part of your business and rankings. Over time you will have customers naturally leave reviews while mentioning the area you service.

But I would proactively go about acquiring reviews.

NOTE – this is against googles TOC, but if you don’t think the top companies aren’t doing it, then you need to look a bit closer.

If you do get your friends and family to leave you reviews, I have it on good authority from a well-respected SEO guru that Google won’t penalise you if they think the review is illegitimate. They just won’t show it.


  • You should aim to get around the average mean amount of reviews per the top 10 competitors in your niche. Aim to do this over 12 weeks or so.
  • The reviews should look natural. Don’t worry about people leaving you reviews with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes – that’s human.
  • Try having your keyword in the review. AKA if you’re a Lawyer in West London. Having this within your keyword will make a difference.


Keep doing all this – writing posts, uploading pictures and having customers leave reviews with the area. I would also recommend interlinking location pages to other location pages. If you do this and consistently – you should rank in the top 3 google map page for your areas and keywords.


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