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Attract more clients – SEO for local businesses

Attracting business in your area can be a competitive ordeal. You don?t need me to tell you this. Google is often the first place a prospective client will start in their search for a service. Whether that?s accounting, legal, a plumber or anything else!

Having your company and brand on the first page of Google and showing in maps for your area will hugely increase your leads. Below I show you a few steps you can easily do to achieve better results and start ranking higher, attract more leads and ultimately make more sales.

Most local businesses don?t optimize their website and Google My Business (GMB) page and the few that do are capitalizing. This gives you a great opportunity to tap into this huge market.


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You want to provide as much legitimacy as you can as well as track your results. This means showing google you?re serious and that you?re a real business. If you haven?t set up the below yet, then I would highly recommend you do.

  • Set up a google analytics account
  • Set up google search console
  • Setup Google My Business page
  • Create an XML sitemap for your site
  • Connect social profiles to your site (twitter, facebook, Linkedin, Instagram).

This all provides legitimacy to google and provide a solid foundation for your site.


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It?s important you understand what prospective clients are searching for and what your website should rank for.

First things first, you should be ranking for your brand/company name, that?s really a must. If someone has been referred to you, you want to make it as easier as possible to be found. The steps in the first part should do this.

Beyond this, You want to make sure you are ranking for the areas you service.

For example??Accountant in West London?. This keyword has around 250 – 500 searches per month believe it or not!

So you should be optimizing around this main keyword if you can.

Ubersuggest?is a great free tool to help you find keyword ideas and an idea of volume as well. (please note, these statistics are not 100% accurate and just provide a guideline).

To keep on the theme of accountants lets see what keywords we could rank for.

?Accountant in west London?

?Accountant in (west London borough/s)?

You need to start optimizing your page for these keywords.

How? Create a breakout of pages with different areas you service in West London – Fulham, Kensington, Notting Hill, Hammersmith etc.




And so on?

These pages can be almost identical with a very similar copy but just the areas serviced changed.

In your homepage and pages you should also include the area in:

  • Your site title
  • meta descriptions and tags
  • 1% – 3% keyword density of targeted keyword

Google will start to pick up on this and hopefully rank your site for these areas when someone googles your service in your area.


Build these out for your company. Citations are when you provide online business directories with your Name, Address and Phone Number as the minimum.

What do these do:

Establish Trust & Create Authority

Google and other search engines want to know you are a legitimate business. There is so much waffle and faff online, that by doing these simple things you can break through the noise and show you are legitimate.

Relevancy for your area

Posting your address to business directories provides more information that you operate in this area. If your address is posted in multiple different well-established directories than it provides concrete proof with this is where work.

Remember – Google is essentially trying to provide the best listings for its customers. By posting your address, it?s proof that you definitely operate in that area.

These are basic building blocks of local SEO and offer a good foundation to build on. There is no point into looking into complex micro signals if you haven?t gone through these basics.

The link below provides you with 30 options for?citations to build.

You can also find niche-specific and area-specific directories which might help you. I would suggest doing a bit of research into this.

NOTE: Make sure your address and phone number are consistent with each citation.

Google My Business page

This isn?t essential to rank your website for local SEO, but often users will go straight to the maps section to look for services in their area. And you certainly want to start ranking for this.

How many times have you searched some form of ?{SERVICE} near me?

Again, if you start to rank in the top 3 for these, it?s going to make a huge difference to your bottom line.

I actually go over some detail on how to start ranking for your Google My Business Page in the article below.

But, it?s really important you start to collect reviews. These are vital to rank and to your customers.

BrightLocal showed that 92% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.

Start by getting you?re most trusted clients to leave you reviews

  • Encourage other clients to leave you reviews when you can
  • If you have any family or friends that you have done some work for – even minimal – get them to leave you reviews.
  • Handle any negative reviews immediately and write a response.

You want to look at the top companies that are ranking in GMB for your service and try to emulate something similar in terms of number over a 6-8 months period.


There are a lot of other factors to consider when ranking for your local business. But hopefully, these actionable items can help you really push your way up the search rankings.

Remember Google is always trying to provide the best possible search results for it?s customers. Give Google every opportunity to show your business!

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