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How I got one Accounting client on the first page of Google for their keyword

A large part of accounting leads can be acquired through Google search. Often, the first place a prospective lead might go is to a search engine and type in accountant in [AREA]. Usually what comes up is a maps location and 8-9 websites on the first page.

For example, “Accountants in West London” and variations of this has over 300 searches per month! that’s a lot of leads you’re missing out on. If your company appears on the first page (even at the bottom), you can increase your search traffic and ultimately the number of leads coming organically to your site.

I started working with a small company just west of London and they were currently ranking on page 3 for their keyword. As you can imagine, they weren’t getting any search traffic, but the owner told me they had a large marketing company working on their SEO for 18 months!!!

After going on to their website, I realised none of their plugins had been updated in a while, they had an old version of WordPress and an old version of their current theme. This was clear nobody had been on their back-end site for a while!

First things first

First things first. It was about cleaning their back-end site. Making sure everything was updated and firing properly and plugins that were irrelevant or not in use were de-activated and deleted.

On-page optimization

I did a thorough audit of their site. this came back fairly good but a few major issues were at play here. This included multiple meta descriptions and H1 tags on multiple pages. It is important you are clear to search engines with your H1 tags and only have one meta description per page. Otherwise, it’s confusing for the site and confusing for search engines.

  • I realised their developer used H1 tags for bold large writing when this should be paragraphs with the CSS changed to look bigger – this was edited on each page.
  • Their theme was also conflicting with the SEO plugin and there were two title tags and meta descriptions per page. This was turned off and the meta descriptions were optimized in regards to the keywords.
  • Check their current content on their site and see how it can be improved. What baffled me is that the area they serviced (a large town in the UK), was spelt wrong throughout their entire site! This was all corrected and better optimized.
  • More content was added to the homepage – a lot of companies and even web developers fail to understand that written content with the keywords embedded in is a huge ranking factor. a minimum of 400 words should be added with a keyword density of 2-3% if possible.
  • SCHEMA was added and updated to the homepage, with an address, phone number, keywords and opening hours. SCHEMA is a way of giving the search engine bots more information about what you provide and what your webpage is about.
  • More social media accounts were set up (they only had a Facebook account), and linked back to the site. Each social media page included the keywords.

Google My Business

Their GMB page had no reviews and was also not fully completed. this required full completion with description and keywords embedded in.

Start by asking their best customers for reviews on Google to start building their review profile. Note, it is important to look at other companies in the area and see how many reviews they are receiving. Try to model the number of reviews you have to the other top GMB pages for the area and service.


This is far from done and there is still a lot more to do here. However, just by doing the basics, their site is now ranking on the first page of Google for their keyword.

The following months I will be improving their Google My Business page, adding citations and backlinks and creating further pages with areas they service.

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