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How I got one SaaS company 1600 free triallists solely through SEO in 6 months

So before I start, I?d like to add that this isn?t an incredible feat. However, when I started working with this company they had less than 10 free triallists and their organic traffic was non-existent.

With little investment on their part, we were able to increase their organic traffic exponentially and thus increase the number of free trialists they have.

How did I do this?

1. Re-work the website (on-site SEO)

  • This included adding correct heading tags,
  • alt txt for images
  • structuring the website so that it was easier to navigate and improving the internal linking structure.
  • increasing site speed.
  • improving user interface and user experience to make sure our Search engine CTR to sign up ratio increased.

(there were a number of other things that we changed, but these were primary).

Adding SCHEMA markup

This is essentially code you put on your site which gives the search engines more information on that specific page/post, thus giving the user a better experience in their search engines.

Things like star ratings, rich snippets.

Adding SCHEMA code to as much of the site, including blog articles, main page, contact page etc. This marked a huge improvement in our search rankings with a few posts ranking 0-3 for a number of keywords.

2.?New content strategy

This included finding keywords that fit into the companies niche that had high search volume and relatively low competition.

From this, I deduced that one of the 3d modelling software companies we worked with had high search volume but low competition, whereas the other 3d modelling companies had much higher competition (don?t know why).

We started targeting keywords related to our product and the 3d modelling software in mind. Creating articles with at least 800 words preferably 1000 words.

Below is a checklist I used for every article we published. We had the idea of posting 3-4 blogs per week. This consistency really helped us with our traffic.

  • Focus Keyword in the Title.
  • Focus Keyword used inside Meta Description.
  • Focus Keyword used in the URL.
  • Focus Keyword appears in the first paragraph of the content.
  • Focus Keyword found 3-5 times in the content.
  • Focus Keyword found in the subheading(s).
  • Focus Keyword found in image alt attribute(s).
  • Images/videos throughout the content.
  • Link out to external relevant resources.
  • Link to other resources on your own site.
  • Grammarly Checker
  • Positive sentiment or power word in SEO title
  • 800 words minimum.

Targeting these low competition keywords meant we starting rankings quickly and made a huge difference in our organic traffic.

3.?Link building strategy

Links to your site is a big ranking factor for Google and other search sites. Our strategy here was 3-fold

  • Guest posting on other sites similar to ours. Guest posting on tech news sites, architecture websites, int design websites and tech software sites.
  • Finding already written articles about our service or niche, contacting these sites admins and wondering whether they thought our SaaS might be what their readers are looking for in this post. E.g. 10 best architecture software etc. How to view your 3d model etc.
  • Cold emailing – cold emailing certain sites, influencers and certified resellers of 3d modelling software what they thought about our product and if their customers were interested in our product.

Granted, this was time-consuming, and there are quicker ways to acquire backlinks, however, most of them go against Googles TOC so you have to be careful. There is no 100% clean way of acquiring backlinks other than people randomly linking to your site, which takes years usually.


For the most part, SEO isn’t actually that difficult (although it can be once you start getting into technical SEO), it just takes time. Of course, there were a lot of other things I did on a daily basis which did make slight differences I feel. But overall it was about having this 3-fold strategy in place and sticking to it.

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