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Why Vetrist?

Proven Results

Hi, my name’s Ed Howey and I work as a Freelance SEO consultant in London, UK. I’ve been in the Digital Marketing sphere for over 8 years and specialising in search engine optimisation for a large part of it. I started out in SEO by buying a $1,000 course which showed me how to rank my own sites and make money through affiliate marketing. 

This led me down the paths of making thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing where I decided to branch out and start offering my services to others. Over time building up knowledge and know-how on ranking sites. I first started working as an SEO consultant for my fathers business (easy first client!), which is now one of the top retailers for reclaimed building materials in the UK. With the majority of sales coming through organic traffic. 

I practice what I preach and consider myself one of the top SEO experts in London. Feel free to call me or if you’re in London, I am more than happy to meet and discuss your needs. 

I am competitive by nature and work hard for my clients. I know how important a business is to you!

Long term strategy

  • Don’t be fooled by one time tricks, my rankings last through the years.
  • Continued support and communication. Feel free to contact me within working hours. 
  • I understand how important your business is to you. I will provide on-going communication, updates and support.
  • Safe and secure.
  • I am a UK London SEO consultant and always available to meet. You can be sure your business is in good hands.

My Services

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Ranking on page 1 of google for certain keywords will Skyrocket your traffic. Increased traffic for the right keywords will increase your leads and sales – I can help you with this.

Google is changing their algorithm almost daily it’s important to keep ahead of the competition. Time and time again I have been able to not only rank my own websites but our clients too.

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Local SEO

I’m sure you’ve typed some variation of “(Service) near me”. Or you’re looking for something particular and Google has shown different services near you.

 By optimising your Google My Business (GMB) page and your webpage you can start ranking for business near you.  Make sure your business is one of the first they see.

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Web Design

I use Elementor premium and GeneratePress WordPress theme to design beautiful, light and CRO based websites. The aim is not just to build a good looking website, but to increase your conversion rate. 

Feel free to ask for examples of web design builds I have done in the past.  

Types of SEO and Web Services

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Technical SEO

This include on-site and technical fixes, Meta-data, speed optimization and server SEO.

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Link Building & Digital PR

One of the more difficult and time consuming activites in SEO but one of the most important. Multiple link building techniques to rank higher in the search engines.

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On-site SEO

Increasingly more and more important as Google's algorithms change. On-site SEO to make sure you are fully optimised for your keywords.

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Google My Business

Local SEO strategy to make sure you are ranking in Google's Map pack. generate more local leads

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Effective conversion rate optimisation. Convert your traffic into sales and generate more profit.

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Website Audits

Full website audit, with actionable advice, insights and issues to fix. In-depth reporting and analysis.


SEO isn’t just about setting up a website. It includes a host of different sub-sections including mobile, semantic search, Neuro-linguistic programming, user behaviour and a host of other ranking factors that are continuously evolving and changing. 

As a SEO expert, It’s my job to keep up to date with this. I use a combination of common sense, analytical measuring and reporting and lessons learnt over time to provide exceptional results. 

Search Engine Optimisation takes time, don’t be fooled by anyone who promises to rank your site in just a few months. 

Local SEO

How many times have you searched for a service near you recently? Something along the lines of {service} near me. Often Google and other search engines show results based on your location and the best services they feel in your area. 

More and more, this is becoming a huge lead generation tool for local businesses. I’ve worked with accountants to mechanics to make sure the their website is one of the first a prospective customer sees. 

Website Design

I work closely with a graphic designer and Conversion optimisation junkie to create beautifully designed websites. 

I use Elementor Pro page builder with GeneratePress premium theme builder which allows me to create a unique customizable website for you. 

Whether you have a local company, an e-commerce store or setting up a corporate site. Feel free to get in touch to find out more. The website building will allow you to view and see the designs along the way.   

About Me

I started working in online marketing around 8 years ago, for my father’s business.  

The company is now one of the leading reclaimed building material companies in the UK. 

Since then. I have worked with other manufacturer’s, building material companies, Accountants, large blog sites as well as my own!

I am competitive by nature and fight for your business, feel free to contact me to get a free consultation. 

Ed Howey - Freelance SEO consultant
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"Edward was fantastic to work with as we re-branded and changed our site. We started ranking for our keywords, tripling our traffic and sales. Would highly recommend him for SEO services"
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"Edward helped me with my travel blog and made a huge difference in my rankings just by optimizing my WordPress site. He went above and beyond to help me out and give me some tips and advice on how I can build the site."
John Doe
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With over 10,000 triallists to our Saas website in the first 12 moths, Edward has been responsible for a large part of this. I would highly recommend him.

Discover how I can help you increase sales within your business.

Business owners are often starters, go-getters and people who take action. Big players who make big decisions. These are the type of people who have the drive and intelligence to make a mark in this world. I am  one of these people. Discover how I can help by contacting me. 

SEO is a passion of mine and I gain great sense of achievement from helping my clients and the businesses I work with. I have worked on my websites for years, however I enjoy the process of working with clients, helping others and problem solving to a common goal. 

Let Vetrist help you succeed. 

As a freelance SEO consultant, Vetrist was born from a passion and interest in SEO and digital marketing. I started running and working on my own websites, consistently ranking them for keywords and building a proven system through trial and error. Through consistently making money through affiliate marketing, I understood the need to provide this knowledge and know-how to other businesses. Born and raised in the UK I decided to start my own freelance SEO consultancy, realising the need for a safe and secure business model that helps clients and puts them at ease. Specifically targeting companies in the London area, the ability to visit clients and make sure they know their company is in safe hands has been vital. 

If you’re a business looking for Local SEO services in London, or an international business looking to sell worldwide. Different strategies and different approaches are needed to help your business. The idea is to make your money work harder for you and ultimately drive more sales online.

Using proven methods from competitor analysis, outreach and on-site SEO here at Vetrist, I can provide you with the best quality SEO agency in London to make sure you rank for your keywords at the top of Google. 

What the freelance SEO consultant in London can do for you

The benefits for ranking on the top of search engines for your selected keywords is huge! Running Google ads will automatically have you ranking for certain keywords but at 1-3% click-through rate compared to a 25% CTR for ranking organically makes a huge difference. Investing in your SEO is a no-brainer, you will have prospective customers coming to your site naturally and seeing you as the authority within your field. This type of customer is far more warmed up to you than a PPC marketing campaign. 

Here at Vetrist, I use proven techniques to make sure you have an evergreen SEO strategy. Long term growth with long term partnerships is what I am looking for, ranking your site for years for your top keywords. Don’t believe the hype when it comes to freelance SEO ‘gurus’ saying they will rank your site in one or two days. I am here to make sure your site gets their naturally and stays there.

I like to customise my approach specifically to your business. From running an SEO audit, content marketing, comprehensive backlink strategy and technical SEO. I don’t offer generic plans and will cater specifically to your needs and business. This ensures you are getting bang for your buck and getting the best possible SEO consultancy services in London. Whether you are a small business owner or a large national company looking for the best SEO expert in London. You have come to the right place. 

Need more than SEO agency services in London? 

As a top SEO consultant in the UK. I can also provide you with a full internet marketing campaign that will really propel your business to the next level and increase sales and ultimately profits. We are more than happy to discuss a holistic approach to your internet marketing needs. 

I am versed in providing top quality content marketing. I have two Oxbridge graduates who work closely with me to create not only engaging content, but original content that you’re readers will love. Coupled with a strong search engine optimisation strategy, this can propel your business to the first page of Google for certain keywords.

PPC advertising can increase your visibility much fast than organic traffic! The most important thing is to make sure we are measuring growth and giving you the best Cost per lead available for certain keywords. 


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